Coaching and Mentoring

Accountability, coaching, and discipleship to assist you in life, leadership, and ministry. 
Discipleship Journey


This is a year-long process intended to help a small group of ministry leaders grow spiritually and communally. Together we will learn to listen to God more closely.


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Personal Mentoring and Coaching

Leadership is tough, especially in small to mid-size ministry organizations in the midst of transition. Having someone in your corner to talk through next steps can make all the difference in the world. Allow my wide range of ministry and leadership experience to work for you.


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I serve as adjunct Professor of Ministry at Central Christian College of the Bible. My classes focus on Ministry, Preaching, and Christian Discipleship.  


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Community of Shepherds


Community is something pastors strive to create in their congregations, but what about them? Is it possible for pastors of local congregations to form a community of ministry leaders which supports one another in the name of Jesus? Yes! 


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