Ministry Internship

 I am passionate for developing kingdom leaders to serve Jesus in ministry, and I am blessed to serve as the pastor of a congregation that is just as passionate for the same thing! Because of this, I am happy to announce that we have some excellent internship opportunities in preaching ministry and general ministry. Check out this video where I explain a little bit further.

 Are you interested in a paid ministry internship with lots of ministry leadership experience? If so, Grinnell Christian Church as an opportunity you need to check out! Here is how you can apply:


  • Provide an Introductory letter of application

  • Provide a link to a short introductory video (3-5 minutes) where you tell us about yourself, what you see as your call to ministry, and why you're interested in this internship.

  • Provide Examples of your work in ministry (preaching videos, worship videos, work with children or youth…)

  • Provide Your resume and references.  Ministry experience is valued but not essential.

  • Provide a recent photo of yourself.

  • Include the time of year you're hoping to do an internship.  While many of these internships are done during the summer months between school semesters, sometimes it's valuable to do an internship all actually going to school. Let us know what you're looking for.

  • Please provide all documentation from your school if you hope to use this experience as an official internship with your Bible College or Seminary education. This includes internship requirements, school expectations, learning/program agreement forms, or any other documents which will be important to you completing an internship for your degree. 


  Email all of your application information to


 Best wishes as you apply!  Perhaps God has a journey ahead for us to take together!

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