• Brandon Bradley

Christmas prayer for the hurting

Late on Christmas eve I looked on facebook only to discover another member of our local church had lost a loved one. There have been several this week, a particularly difficult time of year. I know I am no t alone in this. It is quite possible you are aware of someone who has had such a loss. Perhaps you are facing the same struggle? Maybe you are ministering to someone who has recently faced the loss of a loved one.

Not sure how to process the most recent news, I was drawn to pray. I offer this simple prayer for those facing the sting of loss, as well as for those who mourn with them.

Lord Jesus,

Words are so ineffective to convey my desire to help or take away the sorrow of these events. Jesus, as we reflect on your birth today, I recognize that such loss of life of your precious children is the reason you came in the first place. You wanted none to be lost, so you lived a life, died and rose so all who follow you may be found in you. Thank you for the gift of your life and sacrifice that provides true hope beyond this life. Thank you for giving us the hope of eternity.

Yet even the promise of paradise with you does not erase the absence and pain of this moment. I know I am not alone in my desire to encourage and provide relief for hurting friends, nor am I alone in the realization that any effort falls short of erasing the pain. Words and actions fall short of providing the healing we desire to give, so our hearts must turn to you and ask for your intervention.

In each loss in our extended church family, as well as all others who have lost loved ones, I ask you to touch this season of their lives in some profound healing way. Heavenly Father, you know loss better than anyone; you have lost many of your beloved children. With that understanding, reach into each of these families with your consoling and healing presence. Fill voids in ways my feeble mind cannot understand. Send your Spirit to minister in ways that no human being can. In this time of not knowing exactly how to console, we turn to the great and mighty counselor, the lover of our souls.

May we all experience your renewed presence this Christmas morning.

I love you, Jesus, and it is in your name I pray, Amen.

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